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iSeries V5R4M0 versus V5R4M5 with A7.3


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Planning on upgrading iSeries to a refurbished box with lots more horsepower. Are there any JDE issues with iSeries and v5r4m5 versus v5r4m0?

I know I have to have v5r4 with A7.3 but will the m5 vs m0 have any problems?


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The M5 release was primarily for hardware support in the LIC. I doubt you will have any problems - we ran with it for quite a while with no ill affects.


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Thanks for the reply...I'm sure you are correct but i'm still nervous. My job will be on the line, or rather on-line, with this upgrade if there are issues.

Anyone out there currently running on v5r4m5 with A7.3?