Is there an easy way to identify copied orders?


I'm trying to find an easy way to identify whether or not a Work Order is a copy of another... without having to spend a lot of time building something that'll be resource intensive, time consuming and require temp tables, and time stamps to do one for one comparisons. It's a lot of work, with absolutely no guarantees the data I get will be 100% accurate if the order was changed enough to fall outside the parameters I'd have to manually set, to flag what I deemed as a copy.

It would be ideal if Oracle just wrote something at the time of copy, against the copied order... to mark it as a copy. Sounds to good to be true though, but hoping otherwise.

I checked the F4801, and F4801T tables and didn't see any fields that were used for this purpose, so does anyone know off hand if there is a FLAG on another table somewhere that will identify copied orders?

Any insight someone has is appreciated,