Is there a way to setup a BOM item as having both variable and fixed quantity?


We are a machine shop facility that recently migrated to JDE 9.0.

We have raw material on a BOM that requires fixed and variable quantity.

For example, parent item, PARENT-abc has a manufacturing quantity of 5 each.
The raw material requirement item, RAW-BARSTOCK needs 2 inches of fixed quantity and 3 inches of variable.
The total required RAW-BARSTOCK would be 17 inches. 2 + (3*5)
We take this RAW-BARSTOCK of 17 inches, chuck 2 inches in a lathe then machine 5 pieces at 3 inches each. The 2 inches are simply consumed in the work order.

I know I can have two lines of the RAW-BARSTOCK on the BOM, one set as fixed and the other as variable.

Is there a way to setup the RAW-BARSTOCK material as a single line on the BOM with fixed and variable quantity?

Thanks in advance!