E9.2 Is there a way to know which JDE Modules my organization have available?

Hi, I understand a JDE user in, let's say, DV environment, will be able to access all files, apps & reports unless any Security restriction is in place, but that it doesn't mean they can integrate an unused module & make use of all the programs within, because they didn't acquire a license.

Is there a way to know which modules are available to users license-wise, by only looking at the system files?



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My experience has been that you look at your Oracle contract, which spells out which modules you have access to.


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There is no way from a system standpoint to look at licensing. As Don said, you would have to look at the contract and depending on your arrangement it can be straightforward or complex. If you have custom suite pricing and multiple custom suites with different groups of users licensed under each suite, auditing your license usage can be complex.


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I'm agree with all answers. There is no way to know which modules are available to users by looking at the system files, you need to check your contracts, and audit the modules used inside JDE to be sure of the compliancy. This is the most complex task. I've seen too often modules or application implemented and not available in contracts, the best example is OVR Application like P03BB2022 who requires a license for OneView Report for Financial. This is for this big reason that i've develop an application to ensure compliancy.