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Is there a way to Audit who cleared a table - iSeries...


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Howdy Campers,

This morning I received a wake-up call from some of my users, apparently on of their tables had been cleared (yup, it was empty).

I'm unaware of any applications / UBEs that could clear the table - so I'm not sure how it was cleared (I have suspects, but more unknowns)...

Is anyone aware of a process on the iSeries that allows us to audit, in some fashion, who (or what) might have cleared a table?

Thoughts - appreciated!



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I think you can check your journals for that, but it's been awhile since I've dug in to DB2. Check out DSPJRN and go through there.


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Az TFZ pointed out, you can check the journals...provided you have turned on journaling to capture system activity.