Is there a limitation of number of ranges assigned for BU security in P00950

Jaise James

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We have been using BU Security. We are thinking of increasing the ranges of BU security from 38 to over 150 per roles. Has any one done this and encountered any system limitations of using large ranges for securing Bu's

I think the impact to the web server memory should be there but the range is not large. However every SQL statements for the user will include 158 additional where clauses everytime.

Just wanted to check if there is any system limitation and/or performance consideration I should keep in mind


I suspect that the limitation of clauses will be on the DB side rather than E1 side - although I could be wrong. However, I know a number of clients who have this many "where" clauses - although whether it is a good idea from a performance perspective to do this...

Anyway, I do have a tool that will merge the clauses into as few as possible (so helping performance) so if you run into any problems let me know. Also, watch out for maintenance issues later on - I would try the building block approach during the design phase if you are not going to use a tool (ours, your own, whoevers) to do this.
If I remember right, on the database side - DB2 used to have an issue long ago but I believe it was resolved. Either way, just as you said, you are adding 158 additional clauses to each statement which won't exactly improve performance. You may want to just test the queries out in SQL and see how your DB handles them, and then worry about the web afterwards.