Is it possible to Insert a Word Document into a Page Background

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Is it possible to Insert a Word or PDF Document into a Page Background

We have a Form from the Federal Government which has text and boxes in it. I want to put this government form into my page background of my project.

So I took the PDF and converted it into a Word Document. Is quite a complicated Word Document so I do not want to have to redesign it in the background of my Createform project each year.

Is it possible to take the attached Word document and just insert it as a background page into my project without having to do anything more in Createform except just to pull in the work document as the project background page. Please advise.

Instead of pulling it in from a Word document can I just pull it in to the page background as a PDF document.


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I ended up designing the whole form inside my Createform project. Now I have to figure out how to pull in the French Language. I coded the French language but as soon as I merge it with the form I get all kinds of question marks because I do not have the French language installed.

When I designed the government form inside the Createform project my Designer form when from a size of 1M to 17KB. Big difference.
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Am applying the latest patch on Monday Aug 08, 2016. According to Bottomline, the latest patch of 7.01.400 is supposed to fix the Latin (French) character problems.
Latest patch of 7.01.400 did fix the Latin characters French Language problem.