E9.2 Is it possible to have aditional step in Payment Control Group Processing?


We currently approve the payment control groups manually prior to Writing the Checks. Is it possible to have additional step 'Approve' Prior to 'Write' Status?
What we are looking for is , when user creates a Payment Control Group , the Manager will 'Approve' and then the AP staff can 'Write' & 'Update' the payments .

Has anyone implemented this functionality? Thanks

Alex Blasenheim

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I’m retired now but I remember one of my clients used Workflow for this very scenario. Workflow is often used for approval or rejection most often used for A/R credit.


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I don't believe there is a vanilla option to insert a new step between the create payment group process and "WRT".

To reinforce what Alex said, workflow could possibly be used to insert an approval process. A bargain-basement alternative would be to put all of your vendors, or perhaps key vendors, on a payment hold status of 2 in the address book. Then all payments for that vendor would automatically go on hold and your reviewer/approver would release them in the Speed Release application before the checks could be cut. Just a thought.


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Like Alex, I'm retired now too. Some years ago I created a process for approval and creation of payment files sent to the bank. This was used after the payment control processing had completed and did not apply to cheque payments.


Hi Guys,

As everyone said there is not a standard procedure for this, But when one of customer came to us with this requirement, we have this done with help of one custom table and few custom status, like review ,Approve etc.

Its almost a small module inserted between group creation and check printing.

Its successfully implemented and now based on that more and more customers are requesting for this customization.