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We currently raise sales invoices on despatch of goods, but to suit some of our customers EDI requirements we will in future have to raise invoices following return of proof of delivery (POD) from our hauliers.

We use Advanced Warehousing within Sales Order Processing. This change will mean we need to be able to ship the goods, then be able to change order lines if required following receipt of POD, and then produce an invoice priced on the date the goods left our premises.

I would be interested to hear of any solution, particularly any that can satisfy the interests of Logistics (stock control) and Finance (invoice income).

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I had this same issue at a client who wanted to raise orders at head office, then perform the logistics at a 3rd party warehouse linked to JDE via EDI..... They required to distinguish between Shipped (Picked) and received (POD) Quantities....

The process was that On 'Pick', an EDI stock movement was produced 'transferring' from free stock to a LOT 'reserved' for 'in transit' the stock transfer AAIs did the appropriate G/L transactions...

On POD the appropriate Sales EDI transaction if necessary amended the 'shipped' quantity and allocated the order line to the 'reserved' LOT.... The customer was then invoiced for the POD qty and Sales Update would relieve inventory.....

Someone would have to reconcile the 'in transit' Lot and write on/off the difference between Picked and POD.....

I do have a writeup of this in my archives..... if you want any further details, please contact me direct


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