Invoice - Trying to save space when address line 3 is blank


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We print very large invoices and I am trying to reduce their size. There is logic in our invoices that require us to print the address of our service locations thru out the invoice each time the service location changes. Most address fall within the ALPH, Address 1, Address 2, format, but I have service locations that use all address fields for their address. I have noticed when the invocie prints with BI Publisher that there is still a space even when Address 3 and Address 4 are empty.

Is there any way in BI Publisher to stop these extra spaces from printing? I have set the variables to blank, and only call a custom address section when I need to print the address. What else can I do to save space?



sounds like you want the old Optio "SQUISH" command which would "squish" out (remove) blank lines from a string array. Was really nice to have.

Anyway where you really need to handle blank address lines is in the source UBE.

Programs like R42565 (Sales Invoice) call a BSFN named "FormattedAddress" in order to:
1) Construct a mailing address in the appropriate format for a country
2) Strip out blank names and/or address lines as you want to do.

The FormattedAddress BSFN is in B010021 if you want to view what it does.

Look at R42565 - "On Payment Terms" Section, Do Section, to see how to use/call the FormattedAddress BSFN.