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Hello everybody,

I know a version of R42565 is used to print invoices AND another =
version is used to 'outbound extract' EDI invoices,
but i can't work out the mechanism to Print invoices only for NON-edi =
customers and 'outbound extract for only EDI customers.

That is , how does the system know that a particular customer is an EDI =
customer or not and then how does R42565 distinguish=20
between them.

We DO NOT want to send printed invoices to our EDI customers.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Watton

Mike Dupaix

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Are you using anything (document number, order type) to differentiate between EDI orders and other orders? This would be a simple solution. Another solution is to place something in the user reference fields of each EDI order line when importing. This would allow the same customer to place both types of orders.

Set your versions to include/exclude the code in the user fields. This could also be used with Sales Update (R42800) so you would not need to run R42565 for your EDI orders. You would set the processing option to assign an invoice number and your data selection to include only those order lines with your code in the user field.

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There is some parms that can be set for EDI for each customer indicating which documents and if the customer supports EDI. This may help.

Look in the customer maintenance.