Invoice amount hitting the expense accunt instead of RNV account

Dev raj


in our PO system, we are following the below steps (PO, Receipt and invoice files comes from different system)

1. PO File recieved and create PO in JDE using JDE programs.\
2. Receipt File is receievd and create Receipt records in JDE.
3. Invoice FIle is recieved and we load the date to F47041, 42 and 44.
4. Usuing JDE standard program we do 3 way match to create PV for all the related OVs.

Issue that we are facing:

We processed 3 invoice files (1000 each) against 3 receipt records (1000 each). First invoice (1000) match to receipt (1000) and PV (1000) for created and RNV is relieved.

However from second record of invoicing, the invoice is tallied against reciept and PV created but amount is hitting the expense account instead of RNV account. Please suggest the possible solutions why the RNV is not getting relieved.

Dev raj