Inventory operations and related costs


Hello list.

We use lot processing and we trace the following item costs: last in (01),
weighted average (02) and lot (06) costs. When performing an inventory
transactions with program P4116 it sugests an average price for a particular
item with particular lot and the suggested cost doesn't match the lot cost.
Any ideas how to change the cost used in the transaction from average to

Thank you in advance for any input.

Alexei Martkovich
EY Consult
Oracle 8i, HPUX, B733.2, SP13.3


Check your sales/inventory costing method in the assigned to the
item/branch. Chances are it is set to 2=Average. If you really want to do
specific lot costs, you will need to change the cost method to point to your
lot cost bucket. Changing this will affect all other inventory and sales
transactions. If you are doing lot costing for FIFO or LIFO accounting
reasons, you may want to consider doing this with Advanced Stock Valuation.
Then you can use average cost for everything and let the ASV module generate
a correcting G/L entry.


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