E9.2 Invalid filter DLL specified after upgrade to tools

Has anyone run into this issue. We updated non-prod to tools, now our jobs that interface to Optio are failing with:

1340/3136 Tue Dec 8 07:14:39.372000 jdekprnt.c4693
KNT0000163 - Invalid filter DLL specified, check F986164

1340/3136 Tue Dec 8 07:14:39.396000 runbatch.c1011
Unable to Print the PDF file.

1340/3136 Tue Dec 8 07:14:39.407000 runbatch.c1065
Job of type UBE failed with rcode = 1

1340/3136 Tue Dec 8 07:14:39.428000 runbatch.c1168
Batch job 8225 ended in error

The jobs ran fine before the tools upgrade.



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Your version of Optio probably doesn't work with 9.2.5
Optio is really old. Does someone still support it?


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I believe that Bottomline acquired Optio several years ago.
You may have a custom (non-standard to JDE) DLL that you'll need to copy from your old tools release foundation into your new tools release foundation. Just a hunch.