Intro as default press button?


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Hi friends,

I have a new special requeriment from a customer. Now, we had a application with a Form Control for quantity and 2 typical buttons OK and Cancel. This working fine, but they want now when the user insert a new quantity in the FC and push Enter key on the keyboard will be as push click on a button OK with the mouse. For they not using the keyboard (because it's a application that run in a PDA).

It's possible? We can asign 'Enter' to a button?

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E1 does recognise the enter key if a control is highlighted.

So why not use the FC Quantity Changed and Exited Inline event and use Set Control Focus to highlight your OK button?

Then they can click enter then :)

Just tested it on a message form and it works ok


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Hi johndanter,

Now they have this functionality as you say. But they want whitout tabular. Finally I proposed in the control is exit event click OK button automatically.