has anyone tried to communicate to a FoxPro database or any other database
via One World. Please let me know if you have done anything like that and
how you went about it. I need to update a field in a Fox Pro database from
One world...
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you,
Hi there...

I've ben working on the Interop subject for a while, unfortunately
OneWorld doesn't provide any straightforward solution to update a
DBF file via Interop or Foreign Data Sources or APIs.
OneWorld may update Access, DB2/400, Oracle and SQL Server databases,
generate or read TXT/CSV files.
A couple of years ago, I had to help a consultant to update Clipper
DBF files from OneWorld B7321 and it was quite difficult.
In case you need to update a DBF file, you'll have to design a C
BSFN that opens that DBF file as a binary file, locates the
register, updates the required field and closes it.
Of course, it's not the easy way because you'll have to deal with
the DBF header, calculate what record is it and what is its absolute
position on the DBF file.
A major drawback with this approach is that it doesn't update MDX
and CDX indexes.
Another way would be to generate from OneWorld TXT files that
contain the updated fields on a common share directory and let
FoxPro poll and read them periodically, and do its own housekeeping
(REINDEX, PACK, etc.).

Yours, Sebastian

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JAS, Interoperability
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I have successfully used JAVA to communicate between different databases.
Looking at the issue you have I can tell, you have problem that can be
handled easily by Java by using JDBC "as long as you JDBC drivers from

Let me know if you want to discuss further.

Devi Misra