Intermittent Check Printing failure

James Monroe

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We are on E1 9.0, tools

We use the embedded BI Publisher in JDE to format and print checks. We use blank check stock for that. Yesterday we had a check batch of 117 checks but when they printed on the printer, 4 of them were either completely blank, or only printed part of the check such as the top part like the return address. The ones in error were sprinkled throughout the batch, not consecutive.

Viewing the output in submitted jobs by View RD Output, the 117 checks all looked correct. We performed a 'Redeliver' of the RD output and this time all 117 checks printed normally.

The question is, what could have happened to cause this. The output form JDE is correct. So should we be looking at the network? the printer itself?

Any similar occurrences by any of your out there that might be similar?

Alex Blasenheim

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One of my clients had this problem a couple years ago. We over-thought the issue at first. It turned out to be a defective ink cartridge. The client even got their money back from the ink vendor!