Interfacing with legacy system based on Informix


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We will have to make Batch Invoice and Batch Journal Entry Processing interfacing with a legacy system based on Informix (of course through Z1 tables).
OneWorld: B7331
Has anybody any experience with such an issue?
Any hints, advice and shared experience will be appreciated.
Please, see some question of mine below.

1.) Can I directly access Informix DB from OW? (I suppose can not)
2.) Can I acces Informix tables as foreign tables through an OW DataSource based on ODBC?
3.) Can I update Informix tables from OW (e.g. as foreign)? (I suppose can not)
4.) How can I handle Informix data types to match OneWorld data types? Is some easy way to do it (in ODBC definition or in OW Table Conversion or in UBE Database Output)?
At last but not least:
What is your recommendation, what is the best way making such kind an interface (through Flat file, CSV or Access, etc.)
Thanks your helps in advance,