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A supporting software package creates a .txt file to interface into OW and places it into a folder on the network. I have written a Table Conversion to import the table into the Z-file.

The Enterprise Server is an AS/400. The table conversion UBE runs correctly on a thick client. The thick client will be going away post go-live and I need to run the TC on the AS/400.

The problem is, the .txt is not visible to the AS/400.

Has anyone had this problem ?

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Frosty the Coder

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I was told, some time ago, by JDE that the 400 cannot "see" network drives.
They did _not_ explain why, so I don't know if it is a 400 issue or a JDE
(I cannot find the call# to reference.)

My workaround was to have TCs, processing on the thick client (where they
could see the network drives), feed the .txts into custom OW tables.

I then processed these (custom OW tables) via a UBE on the server.

A benefit to this was that the processing UBE also acts as an audit report.

The drawback is that the thick client, and the processes run on it, cannot
go away.

Good luck.


PS - should you find another solution, please let me know.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

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Hi Gene & Rob,

Gene, it is an excellent method. I use generally almost the same method ;-)).
There were long discussions (cartoon) about this solution long time ago, mainly with our Enthusiast Friend Adrian, so I do not want to repeat it. Unfortunately I can not currently supply appropriate informations how to find it in Archives but maybe Adrian could.

There is another advantages of processing the input in an non-TC UBE apart from producing audit report, you can write more complex and flexible ER logic in a non-TC UBE.

Maybe you can spare the thick client if you upload the text file (??? could it be an Excel or Access file ???) somehow other way using ODBC, ODA, etc., placing the upload logic into an SQL script or Excel/Access query. It is just an idea.

Good luck,

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