Interacive Versions and UDCs


JDE OneWorld B732, service, pack 12, NT 4, Oracle 7.3.4

We have an application with several interactive versions. The MBF version number is somehow able to determine the 00/DV
document type as a return value during a F0411EditDoc statement. This is not working now.

The MBF version is not coded in any NER which leads me to believe the link between document type and MBF version is
contained in a UDC.

Can anybody give me clues as to where to look in the JDE system?

Many Thanks



To anyone who has read this then I apologise for wasting time. There is no connection, my predecessor change a business function in CRP. The function had not been deployed to PROD and had been reverted to the original form in DEV.

My apologies for misleading anyone, but then again I have been mislead myself.