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I am currently working on integrity reports as we are near year end.

I am very confused when i have issue in two of my integrity report on how to proceed. I also have looked into oracle documentation but could not understand. Can anyone please help me ?



Queries i have:

1. Can i use data selection by company for report R03B707 ? <<I tried to use data selection with a company but it displayed for all the companies>>
2. How to approach if there is a difference amount (for both the reports mentioned above)?
3. What all might be the basic general possible reason for the issues ?
4. How to resolve if there is an difference ?

You help would be highly beneficial for me. Thanks in advance and waiting for some one to help me out.

Alex Blasenheim

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For R047001A: Typical causes:
 Batch was posted out of balance without automatic offset entries
 Invalid journal entry was posted to an A/P account
 Data records are damaged
 G/L Offset Code was changed
 A/P Control Account was changed
 The voucher (F0411) and payment (F0414) are out of balance
 General Ledger transactions are out of balance
Recommended actions:
• Post AP Batches
• Have system administrator use utility to fix orphan records created from power failure or report if records are in the F0411.
 If the G/L offset code was changed:
1. Change the A/P amounts with the old offset codes to include the new offset code
2. Set up the old offset code and retain it until you have paid all open vouchers that have the old code
 If the G/L offset account was changed: To correct this problem, locate the old A/P control offset account total and manually add it to balance this account.

For F03B707:
Typical causes:
• Unposted AR entries
• Manual journal entries to offset accounts
• Changes to AAIs
• Changes to chart of accounts.
To correct:
• Post all entries.
• To identify the unposted records, run Invoice Journal Report (P03305/R03B305) selecting data with Posted Code NE “D.” Always verify that the only entries to the offset account are automatic entries (document type AE).
• Run Transaction Journal R09321 with data selection on the A/R account and document type NE to “AE” will help identify not system generated transactions in the offset account.
• Correct the following AAI values: A/R offset RC, Write off RA, Deduction RN, Discount Amounts RK, Bank Account RB, Delinquency Fee credit RFC, Delinquency Fee debit RFD, Multi-currency gain RG and Multi-currency loss RL.