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RE: Integrity issue 4111-0911-42119

There are no errors in WC, if you "relieve" means update 41021 we do it for
ST transactions in ship confirm and after sales update GL date is updated in
4111. but for other types of sales we do it during sales update. ussually if
this error apperes 41021 isn't updated. we always run sales update on the
server. i wouldn't say that we run sales update when nonone is in the system
and now i do understand that it might be the issue. tigran

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RE: Integrity issue 4111-0911-42119


I have seen a similar issue at a client. They are on B7332 SP 10.1 running
on Oracle.

The problem occurs somewhat randomly, generally only 2-3 orders per day.
We designed a report that checks the G/L value from F0911 for each order -v-
the value of inventory relieved
from F4111. At the moment this is run each day to ascertain any orders where
this may have occurred.

TO fix it, an inventory issue is transacted using a document type that
Debits and Credits the same account
as the Sales Update has already posted the full transactoins value to the
An SQL update is then run to fix the Item Balance (F41021) file as this is
often updated correctly, even though
the Item Ledger (F4111) has no transaction !

The resolution ?

According to JDE this problem is caused by where the Business Functions are
JDE advised them to upgrade to SP 11.3 as this release allowed them to move
the relevant Business Functions off
the client and onto the server.
The Service Pack has not yet been succussfully applied so I can't say
whether the issue has been resolved.

Hope this helps.