Installing Partial ESU's


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Installing Partial ESU\'s

In this example we want to install SAR 4837174 which
is part of ESU 10486. That ESU is huge and currently
we dont have time to test everything that it effects,
but we do need that one sar ASAP. Is there a way to
install just one sar out of the ESU?

Xe on NT.




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RE: Installing Partial ESU\'s

This has been a request of mine every since they went to the ESU method of
delivery (away from the paper based). I keep trying to articulate that an
ESU, while nice and easy to install, often encompasses many sars, and in
turn, many it is difficult to test everything that it touches.
In a short word, no. Once you install the esu, and run the workbench, it
places those objects into the pathcode. The only way around it as I see,
would be to install the esu into dev, and then use OMW to just migrate the
objects that you need for the fix into crp or prod.
If you install the ESU into the pathcode they overwrite whatever was
there. Even if you only create an update package with the few objects you
need, the next full package would include all of those esu objects.
If you are looking for the 'sanctioned' answer from are told to
call your client manager, if you make (plead) enough of a case, they MAY
turn your esu into some type of one-off or a separate esu with only the
sar(s) you need, but I have not been successful with that route, hense the
install into dev/migrate separate objects into the other pathcodes as


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Re: Installing Partial ESU\'s

Hi Aaron,

Be careful if you decide partially install an ESU.
There could be a possible trap:
Objects in your ASAP SAR could be effected by other SARs of the ESU too and these SARs could affect other objects that not contained in your ASAP SAR. In these case you will partially install the changes of these SARs that could cause sever errors as hard runtime errors as causing data inconsistency without warning or error.

Just an example:
Object "A" is in your ASAP SAR but effected by an other SAR of the ESU too where the Data Structure of BSFN "B" is changed but BSFN "B" and its DSTR is not in your ASAP SAR. If object "A" calls BSFN "B" then it will cause missmatch error.

I suppose, you can imagine what kind of problems can still occur.

Be carefull & Good luck,

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