Installing new font for use in reports


Hello all, I'm new to the JDE ecosystem but I'm working through it. I recently took on the responsibility for my company. While I don't have much JDE experience, I have been a Windows/Linux SysAdmin for many years.

I have a request from one of our devs looking to have a new font installed that will contain the logos of our various companies. I've seen other posts here that state this is a proper way to do it, but none of them go into how to do it. I've also done some reading elsewhere, and it hasn't helped unfortunately. I'm not sure if the font just gets installed into Windows and it automagically works, or if it goes in a font folder in the WebSphere application directory, or even if it gets copied to the AS400. I don't even know where to begin. :(

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Here's our environment:

IBM HTTP Server 7
WebSphere 6.1
JDE 9.0/Tools 8.98

I'm slated to take some training in March, soon I won't be JDE idiot. :p
Sorry for the duplicate post. When I submitted the first one, someone came by my desk and I missed the message that it would be reviewed by an admin before getting posted. So I created another.