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Installing JDE on Citrix server documentation

We recently migrated to a new set of JDE servers. As part of this migration, we updated to Tools Release 8.97 for E810, and SQL Server 2005. We are not currently using the web client.

During the migration the consultant help us install JDE to one Citrix server, and it is running correctly. However, we need to install it to additional servers, for roll over purposes, and we need to know how to load it on new servers as they arrive.

I have been unable to locate the installation notes from the original Citrix install, but did try installing the thick client to a test server.

1. Installed the SQL Native Client, and updated it.
2. Ran the package install, via Add/Remove Programs as we have in the past.

I am sure I am missing a step, but not sure what it is. Any help, or links to documentation is appreciated. Thanks.


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Here is one good document you should at least read, if nothing else (Solution 200811676). It talks about JDE.INI files and updating the copies for individual user profiles (Knowledge Garden login required).

This document (Solution 201000358) talks about granting users access to the JDE*.* files on the root directory of the C drive, and why.

And finally, this document (Solution 201054632) talks about the permissions that the users need to certain registry keys on the Citrix server.

One final bit of advice, and I realize this is antiquated, but the flags are still there, so I continue to tell people to do this. If anybody else can tell me that there is no reason to do this anymore, I will gladly stop recommending it: 2 lines should change in the central JDE.INI in the WINDOWS (or WINNT) directory. Under [DEBUG], change TAMMultiUserOn to = 1, and WTSLogs to = TRUE.
Thanks for the input Ken. I will look up the documents, must not have been using the correct search criteria, on the site.

I finally got JDE up and running on the second server. I had to go into the SQL Server Network Utility, and create a TCP/IP database alias so the server could "talk" to the database server. We have to use Named Pipes, only, as our billing software will not run if TCP/IP is enabled.

Previously, we had the WTSLogs set to FALSE, but I have since changed it to TRUE. I will look into changing the other setting as well, after looking at the documentation.

Even though we do have JDE up and running on 2 servers now, I am still having an issue with the log files populating to peoples' profiles. I am sure it is a permissions issue, and I am working with our AD admin to track it down. If you have any ideas on that, I would appreciate your input there as well.

Thanks again for the response.


Hi Ken,

In your reply to this thread you have specified 3 links to relevant documents, however when i try the links they fail.

Is there any other place i can get these documents from

Thanks - Tony


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And none of the linked documents or the other suggestions above helped you? What are the symptoms you are seeing?