Installing a apps server

Hi List
I went to flick over to a new Application server last night and encountered
some problems. We curently run all our processing on an AS400 and wanted to
move it to the apps server. I shutdown the services on the as400 and
started them on the apps server. I changed the F986110 OCMs for the Server
Maps (to enable the apps server) and logged on to a client and attempted to
run some UBEs. It was still trying to submit to the AS400 instead of the
Apps server. If I over rode the location to the apps server it works fine.
Any ideas what I have missed?

Specs AS/400 V4R5, B7331 Sp10.1, NT 4.0 Sp5



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Hi Kieran,

Did you change the default UBE OCM mapping for *PUBLIC or the user/group you want to move to the app server?

The job submission application will use this mapping to decide where to submit UBE's by default.

At the moment I suspect this mapping is pointing to "YourEnterprise Server". You will need to deactivate it and add/activate a new mapping pointed to "YourAppsServer".


Justin Miller
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working with B7332 and XE on AS/400, NT, Solaris and AIX