Install Tool Release 8.95 L1

Hi everyone , Im lookin for the manual to install tool release 8.95 L1, anyone have it?

Im in 8.11 toolrelease 8.95.L1, I have two web servers in cluster mode, but the current installation share the application server for all environment (PD, PY and DV) , I looking to separte each one, I need to use separate ini's and log's for each one.

I appreciate the help, thank's to all

Windows Server 2003
SQL Server 2000 SP4
E1 811 Tool Release 8.95.L1
Websphere and IBM HTTP Server for Web

Sebastian Sajaroff

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Hi Marco,

It's not very clear what kind of documentation are you
looking for...

1. Tools 8.95 install?
2. MultiFoundation install?
3. How to install a new Enterprise server?
4. All of them?
Hi Sebastian,

I try to install a separate application server for PY and DV

I found the tool release 8.95 manual and yestarday I try to install the new application server, but the application server in Websphere appears unavailble, I think I forget to setup something, any idea?

Thanks for you help


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If I got this right, you want to add a logic server for your PY. But no service pack chaanges.

I would put in a case to edwards for that.

You would need:
Base Logic Server setup instructions (make a plan, etc.)
The service pack specifc instructions for your release.

Then a followup instruction on how to change your JAS ini's and make the OCM changes for that environment. (change which logic server is used for PY)

Yep, I would do a case for that.
Thanks for respond,

no, I don't want put another logic server for PY, I got it a separte one, the case is , try to have a separte set of application server (AS_JS_...) for PY , PD and DV.

Because right now I got only one for all of them; so I'm little confuse with that.

I installed a new application server in different port, but when I start the websphere those news application appear unavailble and can't started.