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Insert or update in No Update report

Jay Kumar

Active Member
Is there any way to achieve insert or update logic record in table from No Update report ?

Thanks advance,

E9.1 Tools Release 9.1.5

Remo Williams

VIP Member
A somewhat dirty method is to change the "No Update" value to "Update" in the database. Have never done it myself, but I know it's possible. Another option might be to copy the UBE in question: If I'm not mistaken, you get the option to choose Update/No Update when copying a UBE.


VIP Member
We usually copy the report to a new update report. As Remo mentioned, you will see a choice to specify update report.

Now, if the report is referenced in so many places, you can delete the old (no update ) report and copy again the new (update ) report to the old name.

For example,

R59XX01 --> [copy] R59UP01(with update option) --> [delete] R59XX01
R59UP01 --> [copy] R59XX01

The end result is R59XX01. Enjoy !!! :)

Jay Kumar

Active Member
Thanks Remo and Rauf,

I know , we can copy Old report to new one make update report. Or we can change table field (F9860|OMIT) value from 1 to 0.

Is there any other way we can do it or not?