E9.2 Input Orchestrator out variable of iterate over


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Hi Friends,

I have a orchestrator that it iterate over a UDC and call other orchestrator with UDC records, it works fine. But now, I want pass a variable that is a input variable of main orchestrator, and it doesn't work.


But the problem is date_input mapped with dateIn is null allways, not get input value for main Orchestrator. I think it is because dateIn not is a parameter of UdcRecords that it iterate. But, Could I can pass value outside Iterator?

Best regards.
Hi Alfredo,

You have 2 options here:

1. Write a Groovy/JRuby script that will add the input from the main Orchestration and build an array
2. Use LEX to make the same, without scripting.

I hope this helps!

- Gustavo


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Thanks @Gustavo Barizon !! What does mean LEX ?? and how could i doing it with LEX? could you send me an example?
Edit: I think you refer to Logic Extensions right? we are in so we haven't LEX until migrate to release 22 XD
So, have you a example for grovy with iterator and other input parameter?
Best regards.