Inbound 850 P40211Z Based on F4001LG in A9.2??

Looking for clarification on this process.

Oracle documentation states data should load to F47011 and 47012 for Inbound 850 to be generated by P40211Z.
However to have P40211Z generate new Sales Orders, it must be in F4001Z and F4011Z.

The Status(P47010) and Revision (P47013) applications look at F47011 and F47012.

If all four (F4001z, F4011z, F47011, F47012) files are loaded, P40211Z only updates SO number/ SP flag etc. to F4001Z and F4011Z. This means the order information cannot be viewed with the status inquiry. Nor will changes in the Revisions application P47013 impact the 850 that needs to process.

We are in World A9.2.1


Hi - look at your versions of P40211z - some use files F4001z, other use F47011 and F47012. I use the F47011, but don't know the differences between the two processes. I think the F4001z is an older process -pre version 8.0