Inactive a Cost Center -


It is possible to inactive a cost center. Then if an user tries to create a transactions against the inactive cost center, the system provides an error.


I would like disactive Cost Center (for say something CC - 4209)

Then if user tries to create a PO (Service/Contract) a PO (two-way w/o receipt process), and the user need to use account 4209.8095 . The system can be smart enough to prevent user to create PO against an inactive Cost Center.
Yes, look at the "Posting Edit" field (F0006.MCPECC) on the "More" tab of P0006 Revise Business Unit.
As David indicated, you can inactivate the posting edit code. Just be aware that if you have open Purchase Orders using this cost center you will most likely get errors.
Thank you all your comment. I missed to add in my original communication that I had already change posting code to in P0006. However when I did a purchase two way( using the cost center - for CC(inactive one).obj, I was available to create the PO.

I was expecting to get Alex's approach errors. I did not get any error. The problem that I have our controller what to disable some cost center but he wants to continue using some object account which were attach to the inactive Cost center. However the object account needs to be link to other cost center still active.

Thank you for all your help..