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In Jd Edwards how to create RM or ( CO, CR) instead of -ve RU when we do auto match



In JD Edwards auto cash process If we need to apply refunds to customers accounts ledger based off data feed, how do we get these transactions to be RM or (CO ,CR) instead of -VE RU. Is it the best practice to run a job to convert the -VE amounts to Credit after running the Auto cash process (R03B50) since the auto cash process creates -VE RU from -VE amounts which cannot be applied to a RI transaction? Or can the Auto Cash process be modified to do RM or (CO ,CR) for -VE amounts?

I have done this in the past (converting -RU to RM) but just need to know the best practice to handle refund of cash(particularly on cancelation for charged orders from credit card transactions )
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