In BSSV, connection and context is always null


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Hi Friends,

I developed one bssv interface for table I/O. I was getting null pointer exception error after debugging i came to know, context and connection are passing null value.

Can you have any idea, why context and connection have value?

your help will be appriciated.

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You don't seem to be authenticating to the BSSV from your test.

Thank you so much. I have added the authentication. Its alsmost working. But control come to finishPublishedmethod(). Control is not going to return confirmVO. Control is directly moving out of block.

just for trying, i commented the finishPublishedmethod(). and control moved to return confirmVO.

I am not understanding exactly the reason. can you please help me with this.

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I'd start here

//TODO: Call BusinessService passing context, connection and internal VO
E1MessageList bssvmessages = GeneralLedgerZTableProcessor.AddF0911Z1(context, connection, internalVO);

this doesn't seem to be defined anywhere.

and i'm guessing it's throwing an error

if (messages.hasErrors()) messages likely has errors and so it's throwing an exception and your confirmVO logic is never executed.