Importing Purchase orders from an outside system


Hello All:

I have a third party system that will generate purchase orders. I would like to interface that file to OneWorld Xe. Anybody got suggestions on how I can accomplish this task. I hope there is an intermediate file I can populate and then call a UBE that will populate all the OneWorld Xe files properly. Thanks in advacnce.

James Ingram
Hello James,
1-Your hope was not only heard but also materialized by JDE; there is a cozy guide I grabbed from the KG, "Interoperability B7332" (a compressed .html document I could send to you if you can't find it & provide an email address - I guess you have already noticed that the list/forum doesn't allow attachments). It describes the Header & Detail files to be populated with POs.
2-More than that, you may find something on the Xe Docs-CD, in any (Distribution included) Manual (something like Batch Process ...)
Good luck,
Adrian Chimirel

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Thank you, I will see if I can download that document from the KG. I am still relatively new to OneWorld Xe. It looks like fun so far. I will edit my usercode to include my email address, but for now, it is [email protected]. Once again, Thanks

James Ingram
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We have built a web-based requisition system (we determined that, for =
who would only be in OW to place requisitions, it was too onerous to =
them use OW from a licensing and training perspective), outside of OW, =
populates the F4301Z1 and F4311Z1 interoperability tables. Purchasing =
then reviews the information in these tables and runs R4311Z1I to =
the entries to real purchase orders. We added a table in OW that links =
purchase order number with the requisition number, so the requisition =
can see what the PO # is once it is assigned (since we'd want to purge =
Z-tables from time to time). The system works well. Let me know if =
like further details.

Hello James!

We are trying to enter Reqs outside OW using a web based application and
then bring them in as you explained in your post. I am interested in a few
more details. I was hoping that you could answer a few questions for me:

1. When the reqs are coming into the 4301Z and 4311Z files, what order
type are they coming in as --OP or ORs?

2. If the answer to #1 is OP, how are you getting committments against

3. After the R4311Z1I has been run, is the Req # then entered into the Z1

I have tried to get this process working and have run into some problems.
Any insite you could provide woulod be greatly appreciated.

AM Kremer
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