Importing Planning messages into the F3411/F3412 tables


Hello - I am working with a client who is implementing Infor's Advanced Planning tool. They are running JDE World A7.3 and built the necessary feeds to Infor's AP. My challenge is to take the AP output and populate the F3411/F3412 (and possible F3413) tables so the Planners can process the messages to create the WO's, PO's and Transfers in JDE.

They are running P3483 daily now with forecasts. They would like to use a new version (MRP based on frozen MPS Gen option 4) to create messages for their short term WO (intermediates), POs and Transfers and also import the Infor AP results for longer term planning.

I've tried to run a number of different versions of the P3483 to see if I could get it to create the lower level demand (F3412) records after I import the AP records into the F3411, but have had no luck there.

While Infor does have a JDE customer or 2 feeding JDE data into the Planning tool, they have not provided a reference or resource to help with the import of the planning messages back into JDE.

If anyone out there has done something similar, I would appreciate your insights into the best approach to accomplish this!

Thank you!