Importing 159000 F41061 records into E1, every months


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Hi folks,

I've been tasked with coming up with a way of allowing users to import over 159000 Supplier Price records into E1 F41061

We all know APPLs only allow 1000 unless you amend the INI but this is a lot bigger than 1K

Options I've come up with

Excel file dropped and then the call a TC UBE (I haven't used these in an age!)
Generate XML data somehow and use R98403XB

Are there any others I could consider? EBI and a table population etc



David Robertson

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We'd probably do it as a CSV dropped into a specific location, and a custom UBE.
In theory, a TC UBE would save you some work with reading the CSV, but in practice, it ends up easier to read it in and parse it manually as otherwise I always end up with something not doing quite what you want.


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Cheers Dave

Do mean a normal UBE using this B76B0220.FetchNextLineFromFlatFile and B98220D.ParseString for example to read the file and split it out yourself?

Olavo Henrique Dias

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I agree with David Robertson. Create a custom UBE and read/parse the CSV file.
I would use the B76B0220 to fetch the line from the text file, parse it, and perform the necessary inserts on the table.

The little piece of extra advice I would give you is to use Buffered Inserts. This speeds up a little bit the insert process.
If you are not familiar with the Buffered Inserts, you have to first Open the table using F41061.Open and, on the Advanced Options, you have an option to enable buffered inserts. You need to call the Flush to finalize it before you close the table.
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