Import history of open voucher from an external system

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When we start the implementation we have to populate JDE tables with data, such as: existing open vouchers, existing open invoices so on. Which is the way in which we can import the history of open vouchers, the history of open invoices, from an external system ?


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Assuming you have the data mapping defined, there are several methods. The
best method(s) depend on your platform. What is your JDE database and
legacy database. What hardware platform is your legacy system and JDE
system. What version of OneWorld are u implementing?

Chi Lee
B7331, SQL Server 7, NT 4


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One way we have poked in old data is to get the old data in a spreadsheet,
text file, something, modify it to match One World format, then poke it into
Oracle via SQL.

Knowing exactly what the One World format is can be tricky. And knowing all
the files to poke.

The thing that got us was leading blanks or leading nulls in some files. One
way to find out is to go to the OW screen, in Test, where you normally
create the transaction that makes the record, key a few transactions
(include some multi-line entries and some minus entries), then look at the
records in OW. Also look at them in hex to detect leading blanks and nulls
(some of the JDE programmers like them leadin' blanks, for some unknown

Also be careful about data types. Example: PO number DOCO, and document
number DOC, are in floating point. In F4311, F43121, etc. And many other

Example of multiple files getting updated: inventory receipt: writes to
F43121, F41021, F4311, F4105, etc., ad nauseam. Or AP vouchers: F0411,

items to pay on AP (vendor invoices and thus AP vouchers). If this is
correct, send me an email and we can discuss details. I do not have
experience on the sales side.

Dave Mallory Denver Water OW 7.332 SP 15.1 Oracle 8.16134 NT 4.0