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In order to retest a companies system setup on standalone I need to import OW tables into the standalone access database JDEB7.mdb. As this db is read-only, data cannot be updated. However, I have seen it working by exporting/importing the db.. but can't fully recall how it works. Anyone with a hint?


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This is not exactly that you were looking for, but if you need to have a bit
more control over things, this will work great.

I have both a clients production pathcode and demo jr. on one machine.
Often I will copy the folders under the Prod pathcode to my demo pathcode,
except for the data directory. However, when I do that my demo junior is
not aware of new objects, due to there being no record of it in my demo's
F9860 tables. To get around this I created a new datasource/OCM mapping to
point to a new file in my data directory. my ocm mappings tell demo jr to
get the f9861 tables from that other database instead of the jdeb7.mdb With
that setup I can quickly export the production F9860 tables into the new mdb
with issue.

As far as just importing and exporting I have never tried that.



I have used the Standalone db extensively for testing. I typically do this by
using the Copy Table functionality in Object Librarian/Object Management
Workbench. I'm usually testing a specific portion of the system, for instance,
sales orders. I have also used the R98403 job to perform larger data copies.

I think using the OneWorld tools is the best approach because it makes use of
the middleware. Using the middleware eliminates issues surrounding data format
differences. My standalone is currently loaded with data from an AS/400.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "read only" comment. The jdeb7.mdb db
shouldn't be read only, if it is, just reset it.

Scott Zuke


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I totally agree with Aaron and Scott.
If you have a PC with Demo and with acces to Server environments then you can simply create Table Conversions to copy data from server data sources to the demo database as selective record copy or as entire tables.
The Table Conversion is a really handy tool but the possibilities of it greatly depends on your version level of OneWorld.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)