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I'm stupid and don't know how to config my Out of Office Auto Replies!

I\'m stupid and don\'t know how to config my Out of Office Auto Replies!

Just have to vent....

These automatic "I'm out of the office" replies have almost gotten me to the point to not want to post anymore!

I get 5 or 6 of these for each post.

It isn't that hard to set these out of office agents to not respond to specific email addresses. But I guess not all of the JDEList subscribers know how to do that...

But now I'm getting e-mails that state I'm a suspected spammer!

"xxxxxx Electric Mail Security has sent your message to the intended recipient but has flagged your message as 'SPAM'. Our staff will review your message and remove this flag from any future messages if it is deemed appropriate.

Subject of the message: Re: Missing Primary Key Constraint
Recipient of the message: "jdelistsubscribers@jdelist.com" <jdelistsubscribers@jdelist.com>"

I guess the mail administrators ain't that bright either....

Okay - venting done - let's see how many out of office and oh, you're a spammer I get from this post!

Have a great day!
Re: I\'m stupid and don\'t know how to config my Out of Office Auto Replies!

Hi Dave, Eric, Larry,

Shame upon me, but I was never able to set up my MS Outlook 2000 SR-1 correctly, that do not send Out of Office reply, when the mail received from the JDEList.

I have "Move to Folder" rules for the JDEList mails as well in Rules Wizard, as in the Out Of Office Assistant and it works fine, but do not prevent to send auto-reply on JDEList mails.

I remember, that there was some guide-line to set up Outlook, but I just checked the archives and FAQs and I haven't find guide-lines, how to set up my Outlook.

I am sure, that it is easy to do, but maybe I am stupid enough, to figure out the solution.

I checked the help of Outlook, but I find only: "This message is sent to each person who sends you mail while you are away from the office.", and haven't find any "Do Not Reply" rule/action.

I will highly appreciate, if somebody can help me, how to set up my Outlook. (I wasn't lazy, to solve it myself - but I wasn't able to do).

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: I wouldn't like to unsubscribe me from the Forum.
Re: I\'m stupid and don\'t know how to config my Out of Office Auto Replies!


Wish I could help you - I use Lotus Notes and I can set it up to not to auto-reply to specific addresses...

Outlook I don't use enough to know how to do that.

Again I was just venting.

I do all of my reading of jde list on-line as I find it easier that way - not having to deal with the processes of automatically moving to a different folder, etc. but that just happens to be the way I like to and I happen to have a full time connection to the internet. I can see if I didn't have an always on connection that I would subscribe.

Have a good day!



Re: I\'m stupid and don\'t know how to config my Out of Office Auto Replies!

You can not filter incoming messages within Outlook if you are using the Out of Office Assistant. I suggest the subscribers use the Rules Wizard to create an 'Out of Office' rule.