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If Then Else Endif


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I'm looking for a couple of syntax examples of how to use IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF syntax withing BIP. I see the Oracle Docs that say it is do-able, however I can't find any examples (or I am looking in the wrong docs).

Thanks in advance



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Hi X,

I've read the "Syntax" statement, exactly as written. What I'm looking for is a real-life example of what that looks like.

For example:
- Condition: (If value = A or Value = B)
- Result 1: Print "The Value is A"
- Result 2: Print "The Value is B"

I believe there is additional syntax that goes behind the 'element_condition' and 'results'... that I'm missing.

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or you can use this:
<xsl:if test="(A='1' or A='2') and B='3'">

or you can choose:
<?when:.//LanguagePreference_ID158='C'?><?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX,'LNGP','C')?><?end when?>
<?when:.//LanguagePreference_ID158='G'?><?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX,'LNGP','G')?><?end when?>
<?otherwise:?><?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX,'LNGP','E'))?><?end otherwise?>
<?end choose?>


I guess it would depend the output you need. xml, pdf, excel, txt, etc.
If you're looking to have a xml output for instance, you will need to work w/ a XSLT and then you can play using IF or CHOOSE, and you can add variables or even some smart functions as contains (not(contains) - concat, many others.
If Excel - you can play in XDO_METADATA and you can add columns w/ Excel formulas and conditions.
For the RTF you have the replies here from @xxpeta, but going to the properties and use some IF or Choose, like,<?if:paymentInstrument='01'?>CASH<?end if?>
For eText you can play by field and use the IF or Choose, like: IF DocumentPayItem_ID10 = ‘001’ AND AmountGross_ID70 < 0 THEN ‘001’ ELSE DocumentPayItem_ID10 END IF

Good luck!


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This is what did

In the page =header I had

then lower down I had



<?when: CostCenter_ID242=' 215S'?> JPEG inserted <?end when?>

<?when: CostCenter_ID242=' 215'?> JPEG 2 inserted <?end when?>

<?otherwise:?> <?end otherwise?>

<?end choose?>

<?end template?>