IE8 crashing after windows patch installation (released 11/10/15)


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This morning there havebeen at least 5 incidents in our company where IE8 is crashing after signing onto JDE E1.
The latest round of microsoft patches were rolled out this AM. We are in the process of uninstalling them one by one to find the root cause.

Has anyone else experienced this ?

We are on 9.0, tools in production. Microsoft/SQL backend.

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I know this isn't helpful but ... IE 8? Time to move on dude.
I feel his pain, though. We rolled out IE11 just a few months ago. Before that, we were only authorized to use IE8 as well. The limitation caused all kinds of headaches. Truth be told, IE11 still causes headaches - just fewer of them.
You are right but, we were on IE8 until just this year because TR8.98.

Thanks for the feedback however uplifting to later versions of browsers isn't as easy for some companies as it maybe for others. Given that, we are currently testing tools in non-production, however, still using 8.98 in production. Hence the need to use IE8.

For those following this thread. We identified KB3097877 as the culprit. Removing that addressed the issue.
IE8 will not be supported after Jan 2016. You better off move to IE11 and run as compatible mode. Use GPO
That way you will get security updates and support from Microsoft.
Thanks for your feedback, I have notified our infrastructure team. BTW, what is GPO ?
Group policy object. Your network can help you to make your ie11 as compatible mode to your entire organization.