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IE 11 : Buttons like save/cancel/find stop working randomly [JDE 9.1]

Hey guys!

I'm getting a new issue at my company and I'm looking for some pointers.

Randomly, the web client which run on IE 11, will just stop working without any error.

Ex : User goes into the P4201, input a command and press find. Nothing happens. They then try to press select/cancel or any button and nothing works anymore.

They have to exit IE and log in again to solve the issue.

It can happens multiples times in a day.

Important : This seems to only happens to new pc/fresh install users.

Those users have the lastest windows update and IE update.

we have 3 fresh install since last month, and all 3 started to have this issue.

Is there a IE version that has issue with JDE?

I trying to convince the support to rollback the IE version, but they tell me it's a complicated job.

Thank you!