Hyperlink in Interactive App


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I am working on a custom application in JDE, and there is a 'neat to have'
request that was made. I don't know if the functionality already exists in
JDE or not. Is there a way to call a hyperlink from within an interactive
application? I cannot locate any system or business functions that look like
they do this. What I would (ultimately) like to do is have a grid cell
contain a value, and when the user drills on in on it, it takes them to an
internal site, passing the value from the grid so they see the appropriate
I looked on the JDE knowledge garden, and noticed some mention of a system
function called 'go to url address', but this was back in '94 and don't know
if this functionality ever made it into the product.
Anyone have experience with this?


OneWorld B733.3 (XE)
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There are two ways to acheive this.
You can use the system function 'Go to URL' and pass the address as input
You can use the system function 'Run Executable', passing your internet explorer executable details (eg: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE") in the 'Exe Name' field and your address (eg: "www.wel.co.nz") in the 'Parameters #1' field. Set all other fields to blank.

Good Luck and Have Fun!