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JDE List,

We made a huge discovery this week (on Monday) and have done extensive
testing since and have had no issues.

B73.3.2 SP11.3
NT Server 4.0 SQL 7.0 ES with COs
NT 4.0 Deployment Server
Fat 95,98 and NT clients with Citrix too

Here is the issue and the resolution:

We were having problems with "Business Function has caused a memory
violation" and "Threaded Business Function caused Heap Corruption". These
problems were prevalent in both SOM and Manufacturing.

This past Monday we added the following to our workstation .INIs and we have
not had one failure since (document for KG ODS-00-0125).

Library Cache=20

I am not sure why this is not in the .INI by default but it fixed everyone
of our problems in all environments that we had been experiencing for weeks.

If you have this already and you are still having issues I would like to
hear from you, if you have not put this entry in your .INI and you try it I
would like to hear the results.

This will now allow us to go-live "almost" on time.

CNC Consultant

P.S. If anyone has done this before and discovered its "magic", I wish I
could have heard from you sooner.

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I didn't know anyone else has the same problem. We changed our INI files in
December and really helped. Those changes were recommended to us by JDE
after almost two months of reporting to their head office that we have
Memory Violations and Heap Corruptions. Strongly advise to implement the
changes to everybody.

Alexei Martkovich
Oracle 8i, HPUX, B733.2, SP13.3

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This issue was already discussed more times on the Forum/List and if I remember well on the Developers Forum too. We also extended our jde.ini with this settings.
On the other hand good to hear about your success.

Good luck and further succes to go live!

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
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You may want to assign a person to check the knowledge garden once a week
for the breaking news, it has been helpful for us and yes it was covered in
the JDELIST a few months ago. It did help us also, but we do still receive
these errors not as often thou so it did help, SP14.2 was supposed to fix
the remainder of these type of errors, but SP14.2 has had so many problems
with it, that we held off until SP15 or SP15.1 becomes more stable.

Tricia Rosas
Assoc. Technical Specialist
Work: 858-798-7113
Fax: 858-675-7113
OW: B733.2 SP11.3 4116422, 4605023
AS400 V4R3/WNT 4.0/SQL7.0

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I think this was a thread about 2-3 months ago.

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Interestingly (sadly) enough (but not surprising) JDE never even mentioned
it to us. We found it on our own.


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All views are expressly my own and in no way reflect those of my employer.