HUG (Hoosiers User Group)

Fellow Listers;

Things are looking up for the HUG Group, interest seems good.

I'm getting a lot of good responses from my posting concerning starting
up a user group here in central Indiana. I've heard from users in
Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky. I've heard from other user groups that may
overlap some of the same geographic area.

For the record this will be a World, One World group. Any and all will be
welcome, The more variety the better. I still hope to hear from more folks,
so whether you want to be part of the organizing or just a member please
let me know.

A huge thanks to the list for helping spread the word.

Bert R. Sternal
IT Business Analyst
Wabash National
(765) 772-2779 Voice
(765) 772-2299 Fax