HTML Client improvments with OW Xe sp16.1


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Hi everyone,

We are considering upgrading OneWorld to SP16.1 in order to give our many Web HTML users improved functionality. We are led to believe that one of the enhancements is that with 16.1, HTML clients will be able to move columns around and make changes to the grid etc. Is there anyone out there on a similar configuration to ourselves who is already on SP16.1 with HTML clients and who can give us a real insight into the enhancements (and pitfalls) with this Service Pack.
Thanx in advance,

Maria Goodacre
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We are not yet live but applied SP 16.1 a couple weeks ago.
Had some problems getting the latest eGenerator (gen.bat) to work but are now able to generate most apps with no difficulty. Make sure you have Java 1.2.2!
The new 'Customize Grid' functionality looks good. You can change the order of columns and specify how the rows are sorted quite easily - very similar to fat client. If you want to get fancy you can change colors of columns and other fun stuff. Export to Excel also works well.
Overall, this enhancement may change some user's minds about using the browser interface - they previously refused because these features were missing. Recommended.

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I have been trying to get the eGenerator to generate correctly. I am using
Websphere 3.5 and ran fixpack 4 to upgrade the JDK to 1.2.2. I use the Java
server to run eGenerator and point the gen.bat file to the JDK build in

Is this what you have done?

In the past I didn't have any problems generating when I was on service pack
15.1. I did notice when I was on 15.1 that I must have installed IBM's
JDK1.1.8. When I visited IBM's website they only seem to have available for
download either JDK1.1.8 or 1.3 beta.

I am able to complete a generation but every time I load a form I get a
script error. It always errors at a function called "MarkMe()". I also have
some problems with the header file in my versions table F983051.

This is running on Windows 2000 server.

Any suggestions or examples of what your problems have been will be

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Hi Maria,
with Oracle8.1.6 and JAS SP 16.1 user override on grid work correctly. I've problem with Oracle 8.1.7 with SP17. User override don't work correctly. Have you any Idea?
XE/Oracle8.1.7/SP17/WebSphere35 Fix Pack4