HR/PR As-Of Point-In-Time per PDBA?


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Always exciting, here =D

Is there a report or application that can tell the HR/PR folk the balance of a PDBA at any given Point-In-Time?

For example, if they want to know the amount of sick time D'amon Divelle (AB#666) had on June 6, 2016 - is there an app for that?

Years ago I posted a similar plea - and had zero takers. I've gotten older since then - and I no-longer remember how I resolved that plea (I know it didn't go away, though). I'm thinking some odd combo of F06146/147 and who knows what other magic?

If there is an app that would share that, or a UBE?? - I'd really like to know the short cut.

Simplified request: How do I pull a Point-In-Time balance for any given employee per PDBA?



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If you are looking for a few employees and the balances are for PDBA's that appear on the paycheck stubs, I would look at the Pay Stub History (P07186) and from there take the row exit to Pay Stub Info. You can see the actual pay stub from that pay period and it will give you the info from that point in time. We have vacation and sick accrual balances on our pay stubs as well as year to date balances on some of our other PDBA's. If you are looking for something that doesn't appear on the paycheck, that will be more of a challenge and this wouldn't be ideal if you have a lot of employees to look up. The table this links to is the F07186, but there are no employee numbers there, it only has check control number so that's not really going to help you I don't think.

If you happen to have some of the OneView inquiry screens, there is a OneView DBA History Detail Inquiry (P071902) that you could probably work with, but that is extra licensing with Oracle.

So, what types of PDBA's are you looking up and how many records are you researching?