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How to use the Grid (Table & List) Format in Standalone 9.2?


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This video is made to help JD Edwards Consultants to work with 9.2 new feature UDO – Grid ( Table & List View ) Format

Steps Involved in this presentation

  • Verify UDO Feature Security
  • Verify UDO Action Security
  • Verify UDO View Security
  • Types of Grid Format
  • Working with Table View Grid Format
  • Working with List view Grid Format
  • Share the UDO – Grid Format to user/Role

Place a request in comment section of our YouTube Video to get your free PDF ( Step by Step Installation guide ) Version.

: Make sure to Upgrade Standalone 9.2 Tools Release to before starting this guide.

Watch our video to know more about Grid View and table View Format YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UF_M0bGNGo