How to use "SAR One World / XE Watch" board?



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How to use \"SAR One World / XE Watch\" board?

<big><font color=yellow>Eric,</font color=yellow></big>
Would you be as good as to make some detailed recommendation about how to use "SAR One World / XE Watch" board making it more clear for me (us).
* What kind of post to put on it?
* What kind of answer to put on it?
* When answer a post on it?
* How to formulate the title?
* etc.

Some example pro & con could be very useful.
I ask for this recommendation because I am a bit confused now about it.
<font color=yellow>Sir Jack Crouch III</font color=yellow>/wwwimages/icons/smile.gif had put three new post there. These are very interesting for me and I would like ask him for some more information (e.g. his system configuration informations/wwwimages/icons/grin.gif) and maybe answer to him, perhaps I have some coins for him (maybe they could be interesting not for him only).
I am not sure at all that this board is the appropriate place to put my questions and answers on.
Thanks for the <font color=yellow>"light"</font color=yellow> in advance,
<font color=yellow>Zoltán</font color=yellow>

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Re: How to use \"SAR One World / XE Watch\" board?

Our original vision for the SAR Watch forums was to notify subscribers when an individual/company needed assistance in convincing JDE that a SAR should be worked on. Interested individuals/companies could call the support line and add their name to the SAR list. It looks like Jack has expanded the SAR Forums to include enhancement wishes. Two questions come to mind, - is the expansion better served on the other lists; should the SAR Watch forums be interfaced with the mailing list (my thought would be yes if the Forum is used as it was originally intended).

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New Forum?

Eric & Forum
Jack's issues does not fit really neither onto the SAR Watch nor onto the Developers forum but they are interesting and valueable and could be useful, what kind of enhancement do we wait in OW making a bit prioritization and making suggestions, ideas for JDE.

What is your (Eric & Forum) opinion to open a new "Wishes" forum for this type of issues?
I think, there is no need to split this forum into more than two part as World and OneWorld.

For example, Eric can attach a standard, non-editable poll list to each starting post like:
* I advocate
* It is neutral for me/us
* I don't know
* I do not advocate
* etc.

Answers to the threads can be refine the original issue.

I have several issues that I will gladly put there and suppose, the others also have numerous. Some examples:
* Forcing unique ER names in RDA and FDA
* Supporting Development/CustomMods documentation (at least a list about forms, controls, properties and overrides of these, detailed tracking of changes, etc.)
* Making possible to translate (Language Override) the titles of Forms and Reports in Vocabulary Overrides
* Making possible to transport translations alone
* Making possible some pragramable control on versions when the user changes POs, selection, sequence.
* Making possible to ovveride Data Item names on the Selection and Sequencing screens to make suitable the names for the specific task.
* Enlarging (making sizable) the Control/Variable selection screens (e.g. Assignment, IF statement, etc.) in the designer tools.
* Making possible to choose which name do I want to see in the previous cases (DD Alpha, Row or Column Title, Form override, etc.)
* Making possible to control the sort order in the same cases (e.g. Age, Alphabethical, Type, etc.)
* etc, etc, etc

Please, attach your opinions. I am very curious to them.

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Re: New Forum?

Actually, it was Eric's original suggestion (or I understood it that way) to use the SAR Watch for my "it would be nice if" list.

But... I agree with you. I would like to see a Wish List Forum.

Given the fantastic volumn of SARs going on in OW today, I can't see the original intent for the SAR Watch as being very useful.

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