How to use F4105 Update Item Cost BSFN?



I am new to the forums & to JDE EnterpriseOne.

I'm creating a batch application that updates the standard cost (LEDG - 07) of inventory items.

I would like to know how can I use the Business Function F4105 Update Item Cost.

I have been trying to make it work over the weekend and sadly I'm unsuccessful in doing so.

I tried to supply the parameters but it doesn't seem to update the F4105 table.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

I hope my stay in this forum will help me learn more on JDE
Hello and welcome to JDE and JDEList.

Do you know how to turn on and use the JDEDEBUG logs?
There's an excellent, free, tool called OW Debug Log Commander published by Everest Software International.
It's author is a regular contributor here.

I'd start by getting that tool, turning on the debug log, and running your code with the tool on.
After your code has processed, review the log and see what the BSFN returns as far as output.
Chances are the BSFN is failing and throwing an error stating what's going on.
If you cannot find the error, post the jdedebug.log to the list and other eyes will take a look.

Also, please add your JDE & system configurtions to your signature.
There are many versions of JDE and some issues are version specific.
Thanks for the warm welcome

So there's no other BSFN needed in order to use F4105 Update Item Cost BSFN?
I thought that it was the issue.

I have used the Debug Application of JD Edwards itself but haven't tried OW Debug Log Commander, I will check if this is ok to use commercially.

I will post the jdedebug.log once I have access work pc tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads-up.
Added the JDE & system configurations